CEC provides more insight into Nigerian earnings

Listen to the audio of CFO Mutale Mukuka and MD Owen Silavwe, providing greater insight into our the growth our Zambian operations and Nigerian investment in AEDC at the presentation of the half year results on Friday 14th November 2014.

AEDC, though having reported a loss for the half year to date, is sufficiently able to cater for its day to day operating requirements on account of a supportive regulatory and policy environment:-

  • Zambian operations remain robust with good growth prospects;
  • Federal Government of Nigeria recognises need to support private sector efforts in delivering additional power to Nigerians and the private sector is working to achieve the goals of the sector;
  • Presently the Nigerian business issues are complex and the sector is evolving quickly from a policy and regulatory perspective;
  • Board and management remain committed to our current strategy and believe that the risk of these structural issues will be more than compensated for by the long term potential of Nigeria;
  • Our strategy is underpinned by tangible Government and regulatory support.

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<strong>Hanson Sindowe</strong>, Chairman
“CEC will continue on its growth trajectory, consolidating its position by allocating capital in a balanced and disciplined manner by investing in opportunities that are at the core or closely related to our core.
Hanson Sindowe, Chairman

Our footprint

We currently operate or have interests in the countries highlighted in the map below:

a leading corporate ISP
A joint venture between CEC’s telecoms division (CEC Liquid Telecom) and Realtime Technology Alliance Africa (RTAA), Realtime provides high speed Internet services and private leased circuits using fibre optic technology.


taking power to the region
CEC’s corporate development team is focused on identifying and developing projects, both in Zambia and in sub-Saharan Africa that will lead to income diversification and sustainable long term earnings growth for the Group.


the preferred wholesale broadband
CEC Liquid Telecom is the preferred wholesale broadband connectivity telecommunications company, both at national level and regionally. It is a joint venture company of CEC and Liquid Telecommunications of Mauritius.


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