CEC Liquid Telecom – the preferred wholesale broadband company

CEC Liquid has become the preferred wholesale broadband connectivity telecommunications company, both at national level and within the region.

CEC Liquid has constructed a fibre optic network within the main commercial centres in Zambia. It also provides two international links through Zimbabwe to South Africa which connects into international fibre cables linking to other African countries and other continents and is one of Zambia’s main carriers of international internet traffic.

The company is planning to accelerate investment into urban fibre networks in 2014. CEC anticipates expansion and growth within and outside Zambia.

The next stage of development for CEC Liquid is to roll out fibre more extensively in the main commercial and residential centres of Zambia using ‘GPON’ fibre technology. This initiative will extend the availability of fibre to a wider number of residential, commercial and business premises.

The first area where GPON is being deployed is the Rhodes Park area of Lusaka. CEC Liquid is securing debt facilities of USD16m to undertake this investment, and CEC has been requested to provide a guarantee facility for half of this amount with the other half being provided by Liquid Telecom.

Commissioning of fibre cable with access to East Africa and co-located submarine cables has offered numerous opportunities, as well as competition, but the solid foundation of the company with support from both shareholders (CEC and Liquid Telecommunications of Mauritius), enables the company to pursue opportunities.

CEC Liquid Telecom Directorate

Hanson Sindowe

Mutale Mukuka

Nicholas Trevor Rudnick

Wellington Makamure

Garth Douglas Schooling

Samuel Kyakilika

Andrew Kapula

CEC Liquid Telecom Senior Management

Mwendamo Isaac Mazaba

Marjorie Nalubamba

Edgar R Mvula

We anticipate expansion and growth within and outside Zambia

<strong>Andrew Kapula</strong>, CEC LIQUID Managing Director

“Despite increasing market competition, the company is expected to continue generating more sales in most sectors, including government and remains in a sound position with regard to operations, finance and human resources.”

Andrew Kapula, CEC LIQUID Managing Director

Formed in 2011 as a 50:50 joint venture company between CEC and Liquid Telecommunications of Mauritius, CEC Liquid Telecom operates under a ‘Carrier of Carriers’ Licence

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