Our commitment to providing high quality service to our customers in an environmentally sustainable manner while ensuring high standards of safety for our human capital has culminated in the Company obtaining ISO certification in three distinct systems.

“Following an arduous three-year journey in pursuit of ISO certification, I am pleased to share the news that CEC has obtained certification to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. This achievement reflects our continued commitment to and recognition of the value of quality in our operations and service delivery,” Managing Director, Mr. Owen Silavwe has announced.

Certification to ISO standards entails that the business is well structured in its approach to managing its risks and opportunities, its processes are evaluated and standardized to globally recognized metrics and is ready to enhance customer satisfaction and improve its performance continually. It bestows a mark of excellence on the Company, giving further evidence and assurance to our customers and other stakeholders of our exceptional application of and adherence to globally recognized standards.

In congratulating the collective involvement of all staff for the achievement, Silavwe has also cautioned against complacency and regression, expecting instead that we shall sustain the management system for improving process efficiencies and improved service delivery to our customers.

“While the certification improves our credibility and image in the global marketplace, we are to take measures to ensure the business derives the full anticipated benefits of improved process efficiencies, accident reduction, regulatory compliance, culture of continual improvement and quality customer service, among many others.”

He immediately singled out performance monitoring and evaluation as one area flagged in the audit findings which requires improvement: “It is important that we continually enhance our data analytics and use insights therefrom to drive decision-making. I am keen to ensure that this aspect is not only preserved but also expanded as a key component of our work culture.”

CEC applied for certification in three ISO standards and, since 2018, undertook to implement the management system involving identification and documentation of processes to ISO standards and establishing a system for performance monitoring and evaluation.