“We have seen the devastation the virus brings on families as most of our brothers and sisters are succumbing to the deadly disease and, in some cases, leaving children and dependents behind,” lamented Managing Director, Mr. Owen Silavwe as he handed over 20 beds and mattresses to Kitwe Teaching Hospital on 25 June 2021.

He commended the frontline health workers putting in so much to treat and save the lives of people afflicted with COVID-19, citing that as one of the reasons CEC has again come forth to assist the country through the Kitwe Teaching Hospital because “CEC is not isolated from the effects of COVID-19.”.

Receiving the donation on behalf of Kitwe Teaching Hospital, the Senior Medical Superintendent, Dr Abidan Chansa, noted the donated care items would ensure the comfortability of the patients and, consequently, enhance their healing process and that the donation would give the members of staff taking care of patients the morale to manage the patients in a better and well-equipped environment.

“With the investment that you are putting in, we will be able to cater for your health needs in a much cleaner, better environment. The health of an individual also involves the state of their mind. The social aspect is very critical to their well-being and the donation will go a long way”.

The Kitwe District Commissioner, Mr. Chileshe Bweupe, thanked CEC for the beds and mattress, stressing that this would make the job of the health workers easier. He reminded everyone to adhere to the public health guidelines.

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