“Computers are an indispensable tool in a largely digital society where it has become inevitable that as many children as possible acquire computer literacy for them to meaningfully participate in the economy” – the words of CEC’s Head – Information Technology and Telecoms, Mr. Choolwe Nalubamba as he implored young learners to embrace technology in their learning.

CEC, on 28 May, donated 10 computers shared between Jesus Cares Community School and Justin Kabwe Secondary School, both of Kitwe.

Nalubamba stressed that computer literacy had become a universal language to be mastered by all and was just as indispensable as one’s ability to read and write.

“Education is, in general, a fundamental requirement in preparing children to become professionals and entrepreneurs of the future and CEC will always do its best to provide resources to positively impact children’s education in a long lasting and meaningful way.” he pledged.

He implored the children to break free of the limitations imposed on them by their social and economic environment and aim to achieve great things by becoming not only consumers of technology but by also investing their technology know-how to become inventors of technological solutions for their communities and the world at large.

“Other than using computers to surf the internet for information that is of no academic value, use the tools now at your disposal to create new applications in the same way that Facebook, which most of you have become so accustomed to, was inspired by the positive use of computers and the internet”, Nalubamba counselled.

Justin Kabwe Secondary School, established in 1973, offers pre-school to secondary level learning to its 2,074 leaners presently enrolled. This year alone, 250 grade nine pupils are expected to sit for practical computer examinations. Whereas, they would have all depended on the one and only computer the school had before CEC’s contribution, the seven additional machines should now significantly reduce the amount of time, in days, it previously took to examine all pupils.

Kitwe District Education Board Secretary, Mr Mwape Nkhosha, thanked CEC for positively responding to the requests by schools and that the donation would positively impact the learners’ performance in upcoming examinations.

“Information Technology is now compulsory in Zambian schools, but its success has generally been hampered by inadequate availability of computers in schools,” Nkhosha said.

Receiving three of the 10 computers, Jesus Cares Community School Head, Ms. Scholastica Muwana, whose facility has depended on a nearby government-run school to administer practical computer examinations, said the donation of computers to her school, shortly before commencement of mock examinations, would enhance the learners’ ability to better compete with those from other schools.

Located in Mulenga compound, the community school offers education from first to ninth grades. Learning takes place in one ‘classroom’ and from under the trees. 717 learners, split 330 girls to 387 boys, are presently enrolled; the majority hailing from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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