Corporate Social Responsibility

Protecting our fellow human beings and the environment, and investing in communities around and beyond where we operate are at the core of our company’s values.

Accordingly, our business strategy includes integration and response to the social and developmental needs of communities. We strive to make a positive impact, alleviating hardships in some instances, as well as enabling economic growth.

We have traditionally supported education, health and young people. Orphans and vulnerable children are supported, for example, through construction of school infrastructure and provision of learning and teaching materials; improvement of the environment and facilities for children in, especially, public health institutions like the Kitwe Central Hospital.

Youths also benefit from the Company’s support to sporting and recreational infrastructure and financing of teams across sports disciplines.

CEC continues to demonstrate its deep commitment to socially and economically contributing to the communities in which we live and work by acting responsibly and operating sustainably for the good of the present and future of both the Company and the communities.

<strong>Hanson Sindowe</strong>, Chairman
“Integrating and responding to the social and developmental needs of communities remain part of CEC’s business strategy.”
Hanson Sindowe, Chairman

Our CSR activities in pictures

CEC was recognised by the Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency for its excellent performance and contribution towards sound environmental practices in industry, and for being an industry leader in demonstrating corporate social responsibility during 2012

We continue to make efforts that demonstrate scale to grow our investments in the social arena, both in our traditional areas of support and others that may be regarded as either one-off or complementary.

One of our continuing projects in the higher education sector is the construction of a high voltage laboratory at the University of Zambia (UNZA) School of Engineering. All the major civil works for the live demonstration power system were completed, while installation of electrical and mechanical equipment progressed significantly. It is envisaged that all remaining works with respect to construction of the two substations and transmission line would be completed by quarter two of 2014. A total sum of K970,000 was spent on the project in 2013.

Community schools play a vital role in providing supplemental education services to many underprivileged young persons in Zambia. CEC has over the years supported many community schools, at least two of which have now been taken over by the Zambian Government. In continuing to demonstrate the value of these schools to Zambia’s education sector, CEC once again partnered with British charity “Beyond Ourselves” in a drive to raise funds for the benefit of under privileged community schools in Zambia, particularly Ndola. The Company provided logistical support and security to British cyclists who undertook a fundraising bicycle ride of 473km from Lusaka to Livingstone.

Following on the construction of a bridge to link Kitwe’s Nkana East and Ndeke townships, the Company in 2013 embarked on a project to light up Central Street, one of the key roads in Kitwe’s Nkana East residential area.

Over the past few years, the Company has been erecting public shelters around Kitwe. At the close of 2013, a total of eight shelters had been put up in different locations around the city and one in Chingola. K25,000 was used to build one bus shelter in Chingola in 2013. With large numbers of the population still dependent on public bus transportation, the bus shelters have proved to be a valuable social amenity.

The Company constructed and donated seven concrete refuse bins to Mufulira’s Kankoyo area in contribution to garbage disposal management efforts in the area, key to disease prevention and public health maintenance. Total cost of the seven refuse bins was K55,000.

CEC recognises the importance of protecting both persons and property from any kind of damage and injury, whether through theft or vandalism, and has for many years partnered with and rendered support to the Zambia Police Service in the quest to improve the provision of security services to the community. The Company in 2013 invested K58,000 to renovate and refurbish the Ndeke Police Post, a facility initially put up by CEC in 2002 and which has since been providing a much valued service to the catchment communities.

Apart from football sponsorship, the Company renovated and refurbished the Ndeke basketball court, a facility that forms part of the Arthur Davies Stadium sporting complex. The basketball court is a valued recreation facility for young people from the surrounding community who have limited access to sporting and recreation facilities to help develop their talents.

The success and impact of the Company’s growth will, ultimately, be measured by how well the benefits are harnessed for the public good. Our commitment to better lives, communities and the environment did not waiver in 2013 and we are excited when the communities we are connected with can experience the efforts we put it to improve their access to improved health, education and other social amenities.