Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in humanity, protecting our fellow human beings and the environment, and supporting communities around and beyond where we operate are at the core of our Company’s values.

Accordingly, our business strategy includes integration and response to the social and developmental needs of communities. We strive to make a positive impact, alleviating hardships in some instances, as well as enabling economic growth.

We support education, health, sport and recreation, environmental stewardship, infrastructure development and invest in young people. Orphans and vulnerable children are supported, for example, through construction of school infrastructure and provision of learning and teaching materials; improvement of the environment and facilities for children in health institutions.

Youths also benefit from the Company’s support to sporting and recreational infrastructure and financing of teams across sports disciplines.

CEC continues to demonstrate its deep commitment to socially and economically contributing to the communities in which we live and work by acting responsibly and operating sustainably for the good of the present and future of both the Company and the communities.

<strong>Hanson Sindowe</strong>, Chairman
In 2016, CEC Plc’s social investment and corporate responsibility undertakings took a markedly collaborative approach as the Company joined hands with others to achieve a common good.
Hanson Sindowe, Chairman

Our CSR activities in pictures

CSR positively impacts the business, our employees, the environment and the communities we live and work with. The Company remains highly committed to sustainably supporting and investing in what matters to our stakeholders.

We continue to make efforts that demonstrate scale to grow our investments in the social arena.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility focus areas

In an act of stakeholder cooperation evidencing a collective sense of responsibility and desire to positively impact community livelihoods, CEC Plc invested in a joint project with its second largest customer, Mopani, to reconstruct the Mwekera Bridge in Kitwe East. Other partners that joined the project were the Copperbelt Development Foundation Limited, Truckmec Zambia and Mama Africa.

Built at a cost of USD0.159 million shared among the parties in the form of cash, materials, services and technical expertise, Mwekera Bridge is a lifeline for the Kitwe East communities of Zamtan, Kaloko and Mufuchani and is part of the most convenient road link to the city’s Central Business District. The bridge collapsed in January 2015 during the 2015/2016 rainy season; leaving the 5000-plus strong inhabitants of Kitwe East, largely engaged in farming, stranded. Accessing health and educational facilities was hampered as was transporting agricultural produce to and from markets.

The bridge reconstruction, which commenced in July and completed in August, was given to the community through the Kitwe City Council in September. The project was as much an investment in people as in infrastructure. It contributed immeasurably to restoring livelihoods of the affected community.

Our belief that health is wealth extends beyond the health of our employees to that of our stakeholders. CEC Plc collaborated with the Provincial Health Office of North-Western Province, the Mwinilung’a District Hospital and local traditional leaders to provide various health services and treatment to the people of Kanyikezhi Village – making it the third time that the Company was involved in taking health services to that particular village. Kanyikezhi is the location to be majorly affected by the Kabompo Gorge Hydroelectric Project.

CEC Plc and its partners provided screening of and treatment for various medical conditions to over 700 residents and, for the first time in the area, cervical and breast cancer screening was made available, in addition to screening and treatment of bilharzia, elephantiasis and malaria. Voluntary counselling and testing for HIV, antenatal and under-five services were also provided.

With a population estimated at 2500, Kanyikezhi is at least 35 kilometres away from the nearest health centre; making regular health outreach an invaluable way of taking medical services closer to the people. The objective is to contribute to the sustainable existence of the community by helping them enjoy better health.

Employees, through Mutende, continued their involvement in community service. In 2016, Mutende supported four different causes, including supporting the needs of the child-focused Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation (KCCF), paying for a contractor employee’s surgical procedure to treat a cancerous growth on the hand and putting an orphaned young man through college. Mutende raised the funds through employee contributions and a fundraising football match between Power Dynamos and Nkana. The “Kick Out Cancer” football match was held specifically to raise money to support the fight against childhood cancer and other life-threatening blood disorders in children. CEC Plc matched the money raised by employees, enabling a donation of USD0.041 million to be made to the Foundation.

The Company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kitwe District Forestry Department with respect to CEC Plc rendering financial support of USD0.0187 million to the Ichimpe Tree Nursery. The nursery is aimed at providing seedlings to support reforestation efforts to remedy Kitwe’s high deforestation rate and the resulting environmental degradation.

The financial support is in form of purchase of seed, tools, payment for water supply, labour and related costs. Ichimpe has approximately 150,000 exotic trees, a combination of eucalyptus and pine, and about 1,600 fruit trees. The exotic trees can restock about 20 hectares of a depleted forest area. The intention is to use the trees in plantation establishments and for extension activities in schools, farms and streets and to provide practical sensitization activities during annual calendar events such as the World Environment Day.

CEC Plc has been steadfast in investing in young people and their involvement in the sciences. In 2016, the Company spent USD0.004 million in direct material support to the 2016 National Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Fair. A couple of its engineers also participated in adjudicating the projects. More than 400 young people from all 10 provinces of the country took part. Keeping with that theme, CEC Plc supported the Engineering Institution of Zambia in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among engineering professionals in Zambia through sponsorship of a fundraising golf event.

Staff participated in various careers fairs held by different schools as part of their reach to guide, particularly senior secondary school pupils, in their career choices. Both the technical and non-technical professions were represented.

Intra-Company, the on-going internship programme designed to provide students from tertiary institutions with first-hand work experience for career development took in a total of 77 students. The program not only exposes students to practical work in industry but also enhances their chances for securing post-qualifying job opportunities.

Subsidiaries CEC Liquid Telecom and Hai came on as part-sponsors of Power Dynamos in the 2016 season. Total spend on the team was USD0.8 million. Notable changes were made to the technical bench with a new Head Coach taking up the reins mid-season. While the team’s on the pitch performance was below expectation on fourth place finish, it was generally better than the previous season.

Power Dynamos bagged the Charity Shield and progressed to the semi-finals of the lucrative Barclays Cup but failed to clinch any silverware. On the national front, Power significantly contributed players and technical expertise to the national team.

CSR positively impacts the business, our employees, the environment and the communities we live and work with. The Company remains highly committed to sustainably supporting and investing in what matters to our stakeholders.