Non-Executive Director

Arnold M. Simwaba

Nationality: Zambian

Qualifications: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering; Master of Mechanical Engineering – Russian People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia

Experience: Arnold Milner Simwaba has held several positions at the Ministry of Energy since taking up his first role, as Senior Electrification Officer, in 2004. In March 2017, he was appointed to act as Director in the Department of Energy, a position he has held to date, and whose chief purpose is the management and coordination of the development of energy policies and programmes to improve accessibility and sustainable resource utilisation. Notable achievements during his service include the development of Zambia’s first Rural Electrification Master Plan in 2006 and Power Systems Development Master Plan. He has been part of the teams that have successfully negotiated various IPP and PPP Implementation Agreements for the development of power generating plants, including Ndola Energy and Itezhi-Tezhi; and participated in the final review of the Electricity Bill (now the Electricity Act, 2019).

Arnold is a registered member of the Engineering Institution of Zambia.

Arnold Simwaba