We seek to continue our positive growth trajectory through focused investments in a range of power generation opportunities in Zambia and the rest of Africa.

The Company is well placed to benefit from the growth in the Zambian mining sector with the commissioning of new mines. As part of its growth strategy, CEC seeks to be a strategic partner in private power projects or public-private partnership power projects within the region and is focused on opportunities that create value for the Company and its investors.

The Company has built a robust pipeline of power projects across Africa, including its flagship 40MW Kabompo Gorge Hydro Project in Zambia’s North Western Province. Other prospects in Zambia include possible hydro generation projects on the Luapula River. CEC has acquired critical skills with respect to developing infrastructure in Africa. Accordingly, the Company’s extensive design and operating expertise position CEC to launch projects in the rest of Africa most notably through prospects in Nigeria and Namibia.