The Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) is an independent power transmission and distribution company with interests in closely linked businesses, including optic fibre based telecommunications, in Zambia and the African region.

Among the substations that CEC owns, operates and maintains is a 220kV substation at the Central Switching Station (CSS), located at 23rd Avenue, Nkana East in Kitwe, which has a fire hydrant system connected to the water reticulation network.

The Company now wishes to install an independent fire hydrant system at CSS as an addition to the existing system. The purpose of this project is to enhance the existing fire hydrant protection system through integration of an independent fire hydrant system to the already existing system.

CEC, therefore, invites sealed bids from prospective bidders to supply and install an independent fire hydrant system at CSS. The Contractor shall undertake the works as described in the bidding documents, which works shall include the following:-

  • Source and supply a sound and reliable engine-driven pump for the system;
  • Supply and install one by 80,000 litres steel reservoir tank for the substation;
  • Carry out a pipe and equipment layout design for the hydrant system at the station;
  • Carry out all works involving installation of the equipment and accessories to be supplied;
  • Carry out functional tests on the installed equipment in the presence of a CEC Engineer.
  • Commission the installed system and issue a commissioning certificate;
  • Provide to CEC with a commissioning report, which shall include the general description of the system layout, operation, isolation and restoration procedures and details of actual work carried out.

Eligible and interested bidders may obtain further information and purchase the tender documents from the Senior Procurement Officer, Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, 23rd Avenue, Nkana East, Kitwe; telephone number: 0212 244255.  

A complete set of bidding documents in English should be purchased by interested bidders from CEC upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ZMW200.00 (Two Hundred Kwacha Only) cash or by bank certified cheque.

Bids sealed and clearly marked “Tender for Installation of Fire Hydrant System” addressed to the Senior Manager Procurement & Supply, P O Box 20819, Kitwe Zambia must be deposited not later than 1st December 2016 at 14:00 hours local time in the Tender Box at CEC Security Reception, Central Street, Nkana East, Kitwe and must be accompanied by proof of purchase of bidding documents.

The closing date for the receipt of bids is 1st December 2016 at 14:00 hours. All posted bids must reach CEC within the stipulated date and time, and any bid received after the date and time stated above will not be accepted. Bids will be opened, thereafter, in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. However, electronic offers will not be accepted.