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A number of countries in Southern Africa have interconnected power grids that enable power to flow. Zambia is at the centre of this interconnected grid network, and new transmission and generation projects, therefore, have both a national and regional impact.

There are, however, two fundamental challenges that face the region as a whole. The first relates to a shortage of generation to meet demand and the second, to the limited capacity of the transmission network in Southern Africa that prevents power from flowing within the region to the extent necessary to alleviate imbalances between demand and supply within different countries.

CEC’s strategy is to grow and diversify its business by pursuing viable opportunities in the energy and telecommunication sectors by developing strategic partnerships with technical and financial resources to realise a shared vision of energy infrastructure development in Zambia and surrounding territories

CEC’s future growth strategy is based on identifying opportunities in Africa and seeking concessions to develop generation and transmission projects that will have positive impact in Zambia and the region.

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<strong>Hanson Sindowe</strong>, Chairman

CEC is becoming a leading investor, developer and operator of energy infrastructure in Africa.”

Hanson Sindowe, Chairman

Factors driving growth in CEC’s core business include:

  • expansion of mining activities by CEC’s existing mine customers;
  • connection of new mines and other mining related businesses currently being planned;
  • mining fuelled growth of CEC’s domestic wheeling in the form of domestic (expanding towns), industrial and commercial loads on the Copperbelt;
  • power trading involving CEC’s owned international Interconnector between Zambia and DRC; and
  • our strategy to move beyond Zambia’s borders and into the region.

Below are concise profiles of our projects:-

  1. Solar Development

    Value : US$35 million Capacity : 20MW Type : Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic CEC interest : 100% Location : Copperbelt Province, Zambia Life : 25 years CEC is developing a 20MW PV...
  2. CECA Sierra Leone

    Value : US$220 million Capacity : 128MW Type : HFO generation, grid development & management Vehicle : – Location : Free Town, Sierra Leone CEC interest : 50.1% TCQ Power Ltd Finance...
  3. Kabompo Gorge

    Value : US$210 million Capacity : 40MW Type : Hydro generation / transmission Vehicle : Kabompo Hydro Power Ltd Location : North-Western Provice, Zambia CEC interest : 100% Term : 15.5 years...
  4. NFC South East Project

    The Company is constructing a new 220/11kV substation for the power needs of NFC Africa Mining Plc (NFCA), with respect to their new mining and metallurgical plants. NFCA’s new underground mine is...