Health, Safety, Environment & Social

In keeping with the Company policy of SHE first, our safety performance continues to be maintained at satisfactory levels. The Company extended the man hours without a power system related lost-time accident (LTA) from 2.98 million at the end of 2012 to 3.86 million at the end of 2013. The last system based LTA was recorded in December 2010. This is an important achievement as the Company has now gone three consecutive years with no lost time due to system caused injury. This achievement reflects the importance that CEC places on SHE matters in its pursuit to achieving a world class culture of SHE excellence. The main contributing factors to this achievement were risk assessments and toolbox safety talks aimed at proactively addressing task specific safety concerns in advance of commencing the work tasks in addition to good housekeeping assessments, community and public high voltage awareness programmes in areas where CEC infrastructure is located, SHE visibility tours and SHE training/ inductions.

In order to enhance compliance, CEC has strengthened SHE procedures at site and a SHE committee comprising CEC and Sinohydro Corporation senior staff has been set up to oversee all SHE matters at site.

SHE Scoreboard

Indicator Unit Measure 2015
Safety and Health
Accident Free period (System based) Million hours 5.57 0.13
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) Injuries/100,000 hours worked 0.08 0.00
System Breaches No. of system breaches recorded over a given period 0 0
Environmental Sustainability
Legal Compliance (vis a vis hazardous waste, air/water/soil pollution) No. of Contraventions recorded over a period of time 0 0
Serious environmental incident No. of incidents recorded over a given period of time 0 0


Our SHE activities are described below:

Safety remains a priority and we performed 2.98 million man-hours without a power system lost time accident in 2012, which demonstrates an improved performance for this critical area of concern. We are dedicated to the pursuit of an excellent SHE culture across the business.

Safety remains our priority

We hold toolbox safety talks before any work is undertaken on the system which enables us to address task-specific safety concerns. During these talks, any risks or hazards associated with the task are identified and remedial measures put in place before work can commence. We also facilitate radio call in programmes, school quizzes and visibility tours and inspections.

Our community and public high voltage SHE sensitisation programme delivered 188 public sensitisation activities in 2012

We continue to derive encouragement and pride from our safety record, which has stretched three years, equivalent to 3.86 million hours, without a system injury resulting in lost work or productive time. This achievement has not occurred in a vacuum or without conscious effort but is rather an outcome of concerted efforts to change and shape the thinking, culture and approach to work in relation to safety in a way that staff and contractors alike are every time aware of the safety demands in their environment. This is not a one-time action but a continuous process that involves on-going training of staff, sensitization of communities and monitoring of processes and actions.

Promoting the good health of employees remains a key priority for CEC and we have ensured medical facilities are available and accessible for employees and their registered dependents. Our wellness centre is managed by a Welfare Officer who is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the health programmes for CEC employees, their families and the community.

We have a well-developed HIV/AIDS policy (launched in 2002). Key activities include awareness and prevention programmes to provide information to staff and their families about the various aspects of HIV and AIDS and encouraging behavioural change through workplace and community peer education. We remain committed to providing anti-retroviral drugs to our employees and eligible dependents that require them in order to improve their well-being.

Promoting the good health of employees, their families and communities remains a key priority for CEC

Under the Global Development Alliance (GDA-Mining) partnership, we work with Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Management Programme (CHAMP), to implement workplace as well as community HIV/AIDS programmes.

CEC continues with its roll back malaria programme, teaming up with other institutions during the district rollback back malaria campaign, which involves spraying of homes, and in the case of CEC – offices, in most parts of Kitwe.

We ensure medical facilities for employees and their dependants

We recognise that we benefit from good environmental stewardship and we are committed to implementing good environmental practices, continual improvement in environmental performance and to manage our activities in a manner consistent with our environmental obligations, both legal and morally.

Planting a future

CEC encourages its employees to volunteer, as we continue to invest in our communities. We conduct our business as a good corporate citizen – in a way that helps protect the environment and demonstrates good stewardship of our natural resources.

Finally, CEC remains committed to a diverse work force, ensuring an inclusive environment where all employees can contribute their best.

CEC continued to monitor all regulated sites in relation to various environmental aspects including air emissions, transportation/disposal of non-hazardous waste, and generation/ storage and transportation of hazardous waste. CEC achieved 100% compliance with statutory emission limits for the emergency power plants and all other requirements for reporting. Further, mandatory regulatory approvals for various projects were secured. The Company is also proud to report on its sponsorship of a tree planting exercise that took place at various locations in Kitwe and Luanshya as a pre-World Environment Day activity. CEC considers this an important sustainability undertaking, which it is committed to carry forward.