Short Message Service (SMS)

Push Messages

To enhance the swift flow of information, our shareholders receive important notifications through short messages on their mobile phones. The following constitute some of the notifications delivered through the short message service:

  • Dividend announcements
  • AGM/EGM notification
  • Corporate transactions notifications
  • Confirmation of dividend payments

Pull Messages

Under this service, shareholders are at liberty to request for more share registry details of their portfolios from our transfer secretary, Corpserve’s servers.

The following is some of the information that can be requested through the short code service:

  • Enquiries on dividend payments – current or historical
  • Enquiries on share account balances
  • Request for latest or historical share prices
  • Request for calendar of events or corporate transactions
  • Enquiries on captured bank account and address details

To benefit from the Push Messages, shareholders should ensure they provide Corpserve with their valid mobile phone numbers.

To benefit from the Pull Messages, shareholders should register their mobile phone numbers to Corpserve’s database.

How to Register

To register for the short message service, type the word Corpserve on your mobile phone’s messaging function and send to the number 4000. You will receive a message with the following 5 menus:

  1. Shareholding
  2. Dividends
  3. Dividend Notices
  4. Meeting Notices
  5. Shareholders Details

For the first time, you will be prompted to register on our database to start accessing the information. You will be asked to capture your Names and your identity (NRC) number. After verification of your details, Corpserve will activate your account. You will receive a message confirming that you have been successfully registered to the database.

For Further Enquiries
Contact: Corpserve Transfer Agents Ltd
6 Mwaleshi Road, Olympia Park, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 256969/70
Email: [email protected]

IR Contact

Chama S. Nsabika

1st Floor Abacus Square,
Stand No. 2374/B
Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka
 +260 211 261 647
 +260 211 261 640
 [email protected]

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