Powering growth.

Unlocking development.

More than 60 years of supplying power to Zambia's mines

Powering growth.

Unlocking development.

Over 1,000 kilometres of 220kV and 66kV transmission lines

Powering growth.

Unlocking development.

Circa 700 kilometres of optic fibre on power lines

Powering growth.

Unlocking development.

Power transmission for Zambia

Power transmission for the DRC

Powering growth.

Unlocking development.

Accounts for over 50% of power consumed in Zambia

Business segments

Local Power Supply

Source and supply electricity on long term contracts primarily to the mines on Zambia’s Copperbelt Province. We provide our customers with value-adding services alongside power supply, including emergency or back up power which is deployed in instances of grid power supply failure. This vital service enables the operation of critical operations to protect life, property and assets.

Regional Power Trading

Source power from regional and SAPP sources through bilateral medium to long term arrangements and the day-ahead-market to sell primarily to mining companies in the Katanga region of the DRC, in partnership with Congolese national electric utility, SNEL.

International Wheeling

Transmit power on behalf of regional utilities using owned infrastructure. The Zambia-DRC interconnector is the only transmission link between the DRC and Southern Africa and is used by utilities south of the DRC to move power in either direction.

Domestic Wheeling

Transport power from one point on the national grid to another using the CEC transmission and distribution network. This service is primarily provided to Zambia’s national electric utility, ZESCO.

Solar & biodiesel renewables

CEC has developed a 1MW Photovoltaic (or “PV”) solar plant on the Copperbelt that generates clean, reliable energy. The Riverside Solar Power Project is located near the Copperbelt University in Kitwe and became Zambia’s first grid-connected solar power plant when it was commissioned in April 2018. Occupying an area of 1.1 hectares, the Riverside solar PV plant uses 3,864 modules rated at 270W each.

CEC owns and operates a biodiesel production plant with the capacity to produce 900,000 litres per annum of an environmentally friendly and low-cost fuel as an alternative to fossil diesel. Biodiesel production is a positive step towards enhancing energy security in Zambia as it can ultimately reduce imports of fossil fuels. The biodiesel plant utilises jatropha and soya bean seed oil as its primary feedstock material.

“1 Megawatt Photovoltaic clean and reliable solar energy”

Kabompo Gorge Hydro Power

The Kabompo Hydro Power Project, located in Mwinilunga District of North-Western Province, is the Company’s forerunner in Greenfield hydroelectric power generation.

The hydro power scheme proposed comprises an underground power station of 40MW generation capacity and an annual energy output of about 166 GWh. In addition, there is a dam of roller compacted concrete, approximately 50 metres high, and 4 kilometres of underground tunnelling. Power will be evacuated through a 35 kilometer-long transmission line at 132kV that will join the national grid at Kalumbila mine.

“Proposed 40MW power station”

The key benefits include alleviation of potential national power shortage and stabilisation effect on the National grid, alleviation of potential national power shortage, increased security of future power supplies and provision of emergency power supplies, especially for the mines. There arises from this potential for electrification of parts of North-Western Province through the 33kV builder’s power line, creation of jobs especially during construction, and socio-economic empowerment plus capacity building for the local populations.