Committed To Our People

Having a diverse, inclusive, motivated and productive workforce is fundamental to delivering our business strategy. CEC offers an attractive, quality work life, where performance is rewarded. Developing the people behind our business is imperative to us. We invest in training, enhancing skills and keeping our employees abreast of the technology advancements that support our businesses. We create opportunities for career growth and progression for our employees and we prioritise keeping our employees healthy and safe.


The health and safety of our people is as important to us as the profitability of our business. We have a safety management system in place that is based on OSHAS18001 principles. This includes a safety, health and environment audit programme, undertaken by both internal and external professionals, to ensure compliance with best practices and to maintain high standards in all business operations.

Our safety culture is one of continuous improvement. Safe and healthy workplaces can only be achieved through joint responsibility of management and employees. Toolbox safety talks aimed at proactively addressing task specific safety concerns are held regularly. During these talks, any risks or hazards associated with the task are identified and remedial measures put in place before work can commence.

We share our culture of safety and sound environmental practices with the communities in which we operate. We engage with communities where CEC’s infrastructure is located through public high voltage awareness programmes that are aimed at educating communities about safety related to electricity infrastructure.


Promoting the good health of employees remains a key priority for CEC and we ensure medical facilities are available and accessible for employees and their registered dependants. Our wellness centre is managed by a Welfare Officer who is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the health programmes for CEC employees, their families and the community.