May 21, 2024
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CEC 2019 year-end presentation to the AGM by the Chief Executive Officer

Below are excerpts from the presentation by the Chief Executive Officer for Copperbelt Energy Corporation at the virtual AGM held on 30 September 2020:

CEO’s presentation at the virtual AGM

Current business activities

Power Sourcing

  • Vast majority of power sourced from ZESCO
  • Some own generation for peak power & emergency power
  • SAPP power for DRC Market

Zambian Mines

  • Full power to mines supplied under PSAs
  • Emergency power
  • Voltage support
  • Quality of supply

Power Trading – DRC

  • Working with SNEL to supply power to mines in DRC since 2013
  • Segment has been a source of quality growth over the years

Use of System/Wheeling

  • Offering transmission services to
    • End Users e.g. mines
    • Utilities e.g. ZESCO
  • Provision of domestic wheeling services to ZESCO
  • Provision of transmission services to other utilities in the SAPP
Sales performance
  • 3,137GWh was sold to our mines in 2019 compared to 3,673GWh in 2018 – a 13% sales contraction YoY.
  • This was reflected in the 11% contraction in capacity sales at 427MW in 2019 from 477MW in 2018
  • Main reasons for demand reduction include taking out of smelters for overhaul by MCM and KCM and the placing of Chambishi Metals under care and maintenance. Given the challenging business environment, demand ramp up earlier anticipated will take longer to materialize
  • Domestic wheeling contracted by 7% YoY, on account of the load management program instituted to ride through the power shortages that the country is experiencing
  • Power trading grew by 25% (by revenue) YoY between 2018 and 2019. In energy terms, this segment grow 45% from 512GWh in 2018 to 744GWh in 2019. This continues to be an important growth area for the business. We will continue to prioritise growth in the DRC market

CEC CEO’s Presentation to the 2020 AGM.pdf

about CEC

Copperbelt Energy Corporation is a Zambian-based power infrastructure solutions provider. It supplies reliable, cost-effective power to industrial, commercial, and residential customers across sub-Saharan Africa.

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