Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) intends to undertake a project to expand its electrical network in order to service additional electrical power demand by NFC Africa Mining Plc. NFCA mine is in the process of establishing a new mine and process plant at its South East Ore Body (SEOB) mine located at the former Mukulumpe Farm, in Sabina area, south east of Chambishi town under a project titled ‘South East Ore Body Project’. CEC wishes to undertake the project of constructing the new NFCA substation at the mine site and constructing two 220kV transmission lines from the new substation to link into the existing network.

The project will be undertaken as two separate contracts; one involving transmission line works (Package A) and the other involving substation works (Package B). Note that procurement of the contractor for Package B works is already underway and invitation to tender for that scope of works is closed. CEC seeks to engage the services of a qualified and competent contractor to undertake the ‘NFCA South East Project Phase 2 Package A – Transmission Line Works (NFCTL)’ through an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract on terms and conditions as detailed in the Tender Documents.

As an overview, the Project (Package A) shall involve the following works;

  1. Split open the existing CSS-Cosak 220kV transmission line at the selected point
  2. Construct two 220kV single circuit transmission lines from the selected split-open-point of CSS-Cosak to NFCA Substation (the two transmission lines will be constructed alongside each other within the same wayleave corridor)
  3. Link the two new transmission lines to the existing sections of CSS-Cosak transmission line; one new transmission line to be linked to the existing CSS-Selected split-open-point section of line and the other new transmission line to be linked to the existing Cosak-Selected split-open-point section of line
  4. Terminate the two new transmission lines at NFCA substation
    The works will create CSS-NFCA and Cosak-NFCA 220kV transmission lines, each utilizing a section of existing CSS-Cosak transmission line and newly constructed section of transmission line.

Detailed description of works is provided in the CEC Tender Documents which will be obtainable from the address indicated below after payment (at the CEC Cashier’s Office) of a non-refundable fee of ZMK1, 500, 000 at the address indicated below from 8:00 to 12:00 hours and from 14:00 to 16:00 hours starting from Monday 12th November, 2012 to Friday 23rd November, 2012 both days inclusive. Note that the closing date has been extended from the previously advised date of 16th November 2012 to 23rd November 2012 as indicated above.

The Secretary – Business Development (Room 62), Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc, 23rd Avenue, Nkana East, P.O. Box 20819, Kitwe.

Volume I of the Tender Documents is available on our website; Those who purchase the Tender Documents are invited to attend an optional pre-bid site visit on Friday 23rd November, 2012.

Closing date for receipt of proposals shall be 15th January, 2013. Tenders must be submitted in accordance with the requirements in the Instructions to Tenderers. Tenderers are advised that facsimile or email submissions shall not be accepted.